The risk to drink alcohol

unduhan-40Older people who drink heavily don’t necessarily have to fear dying of liver disease, a researcher said.

In a population-based Dutch study, only a handful of heavy drinkers in an older cohort died of liver-related causes, according to Jeoffrey Schouten, MD, of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The major causes of death were cardiovascular disease and cancer, but not hepatocellular carcinoma, Schouten reported at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.

On the other hand, the study confirmed previous studies that suggest light and moderate drinking is protective, Schouten said.

He and colleagues followed 3,884 residents of Rotterdam — all 55 or older at the start of the study in 1990 — for a median of 15.2 years, until they died or until Dec. 31, 2008.

The participants were stratified by their drinking level, with the aim of understanding the causes of death for those who drank heavily, as well as the links between all-cause mortality and alcohol consumption.

Every four or five years, participants went through cycle of examinations, including clinical studies and questionnaires on various aspects of their lives, such as alcohol consumption. The clinical exams included blood work, anthropomorphic measurements, and imaging studies.

The study included the following:

  • 1,398 non-drinkers
  • 1,144 light drinkers (less than one gram of alcohol a day)
  • 963 moderate drinkers (between 10 and 30 grams daily)
  • 379 heavy drinkers (more than 30 grams a day)

Over the study period, Schouten reported, there were 1,825 deaths: 556 from cardiovascular disease, 496 from cancers, and 773 from a host of other causes, including three from alcohol-related liver disease.

Among the 188 heavy drinkers who died, 28% died of cardiovascular causes and 34% of cancer, he said. But only three cases of alcohol-related cancers and no cases of liver cancer were reported.

Only two of the heavy drinkers, or 1%, died of alcohol-related liver disease, he said.

A multivariate analysis showed that light and moderate drinkers fared better than both non-drinkers and heavy drinkers in terms of all-cause mortality.

Schouten said previous studies have showed similar patterns, but they were limited because older people were under-represented.

He added that doctors can use the findings to discuss the major risks among older patients who drink heavily, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, rather than liver disease.

The findings, while not surprising, have some implications for how doctors counsel older patients about their drinking, according to Mack Mitchell, MD, of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, who was not part of the study, but who was one of the moderators of the session at which it was presented.

“Many people believe they should not drink alcoholic beverages above a certain age forhealth reasons,” he told MedPage Today, but the study showed that, “the mortality rate for those drinking in moderation was actually lower.”

So the message should not be to stop drinking but to stop drinking to excess, he said.

But for patients who remain heavy drinkers, he said, doctors can tell them that liver damage is the least of their worries — heart disease and cancer are the risks they should be concerned about.

Is Cell Phone Make Cancer Risk

unduhan-42Does the World Health Organization’s statement that cell phones may cause cancerhave you thinking twice about making that phone call?

Of course it’s alarming to think that something that’s become such a can’t-live-without can be linked to brain cancer, but there’s a lot even the most cell phone-addicted people can do to minimize health risks.

Any potential links to cancer stem from the low levels of radiation cell phones emit. Lower your exposure to the radiation, and you’ll reduce the potential links to cancer or other health problems:

  1. Use a headset. Sounds obvious, but headsets emit much less radiation than cell phones do, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and they keep your cell phone away from your head. The farther away you are from a source of radiation, the less damage it can do.
  2. Text when you can. Your constantly texting teens are onto something: Cell phones use less energy (and emit less radiation) when you text than when you talk, says the EWG. Texting also keeps the radiation source farther away from your brain.
  3. Use cell phones for FYI-only calls. Don’t use your cell phone for that long overdue, hour-long catch-up with your sister. Keep calls as short as possible — Do you need me to get the dry cleaning, honey? — and switch to a landline if they’re veering off into chitchat territory.
  4. Watch the bars. Can you hear me now? If you’re struggling to maintain a connection, ditch the call and wait until you have better service. When your phone has fewer signal bars, it has to work harder (and, therefore, emit more radiation) to connect.
  5. Keep the phone away from your ear when you can. EMF-Health.comrecommends waiting for the call to connect before you bring the phone to your ear, which minimizes radiation exposure. And when you talk, tilt the phone away from your ear and bring it in close when you’re listening. That’s because the radiation levels are “significantly less when a cell phone is receiving signals than when it is transmitting,” Lin Zhong, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rice University in Houston, told The New York Times.
  6. Don’t make calls in elevators or cars. You already it’s dangerous to talk and drive; says that cell phones use more power to establish a connection in enclosed metal spaces like cars and elevators.
  7. Make sure your kids use the landline. It seems like even toddlers are using cell phones today, but experts say kids are the most vulnerable to potential radiation dangers. The EWG says children’s brains absorb twice as much cell phone radiation as adults. According to The New York Times, health authorities in Britain, France, Germany, and Russia all have warnings against letting children use cell phones.

Happiest Live Make Your Live More Healthy

unduhan-43What does the happiest man in America look like? According to a collaboration between The New York Times and Gallup, he’s Alvin Wong: a 69-year-old Chinese-American Jewish man, who’s married with children and lives in Honolulu. Wong runs his own health care management business and earns more than $120,000 a year.

Why is Wong so jovial? Because he meets the criteria of what makes for happy living, according to data that Gallup has collected from Americans over the last three years on such factors as emotional health, financial status, stress, healthy habits, and more. Gallup uses the data to create an algorithm called the Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index, which provides a daily glimpse into how well Americans feel. When the Timesasked Gallup to come up with a statistical composite for the happiest person in America based on their research, Wong fit the bill.

So what can the rest of us learn from Alvin Wong about our own chances for happiness? Here’s a look at a few factors that may contribute to a more blissful life, according to the Gallup Well-Being Index.

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No. 1: Location, Location, Location — or Maybe Not

Wong’s home state of Hawaii ranks highest in the Well-Being Index with a score of 71 out of 100. Beautiful beaches and abundant sunshine are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, but Hawaii is by no means the only state with happiness potential. In fact, within four points of the Aloha State are Wyoming, North Dakota, Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota, Utah, Connecticut, Nebraska, and Massachusetts — proving that you don’t have to live in a tropical paradise to be happy.

At the bottom of the index, the least happy states include Michigan, Louisiana, Nevada, Delaware, Ohio, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and, in last place, West Virginia.

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No. 2: Money Makes a Difference — to a Point

While Wong’s reported household income of $120,000 correlated with feeling good about his life, recent research shows that the magic number may actually be less than that — $45,000 less, in fact. The 2010 study from Princeton University showed that there may be diminishing returns on happiness once you’re earning more than $75,000 annually.

Beyond that number, most people didn’t experience an increase in day-to-day well-being, although they did report greater overall satisfaction with life. “It’s really important to recognize that the word ‘happiness’ covers a lot of ground,” study author Angus Deaton told HealthDay in After $75,000, Money Can’t Buy Day-to-Day Happiness. “There is your overall evaluation of how your life is going, while the other has to do more with emotional well-being at the moment. Higher incomes don’t seem to have any effect on well-being after around $75,000, whereas your evaluation of your life keeps going up along with income.”

No. 3: The Power of Believing in a Higher Power

Wong is an observant Jew, and you too may be happier if you are a regular at a church, mosque, temple, or synagogue. Recent findings from Gallup show that Americans who make religion an important part of their daily lives (and attend weekly services) are happier than those who are moderately religious or non-religious. The “very religious” rate higher on the Well-Being Index across all six categories including emotional and physical health and job satisfaction.

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Points To Take Into Consideration When Working With a Marijuana Service provider

One of the debated topics in all of America is the medicinal regarding marijuana. Most of the states who have legalized the utilization of this specific drug have experienced an increase in revenue along with a reducing from the medication related demise. Employing a cannabis dispensary is the best opportinity for an individual in the states in which pot is definitely legal to find the medication they need. Below are some of the things that to think about when attemping to utilize one of them establishments the correct way.
Do Some Research
Prior to going in to a medicinal marijuana supplier, an individual should think about what they already want. There are plenty of diverse weed varieites out there and discovering the right one will not be easy. Performing a reasonable level of investigation allows an individual will have the ability to go in and purchase with certainty.
Abandon your Cell Phone in a car
Most of the pot suppliers have a very strict simply no mobile phone protection plan. As opposed to getting into issues with the actual provider being utilized, the individual should just keep his or her cell phone in a car. By doing this allow an individual to concentrate on the buy in front of you without interruptions.
Choosing the best marijuana dealer is very important and something the individual must invest some time into.

News For This Month: Resources

The Rewards Of Barre Workout Programs If you wish to begin routine exercise, you have numerous alternatives to select such as heavy weight routines, step workouts, boot camps, spin bikes, trail training and barre exercises. Among the exercise programs, barre exercises might be the best in encouraging weight loss and accomplishment of other fitness ends. A a great percentage of barre workout learners continually confess that they have never been slim with low fatty tissues after just a short period of regular exercise. The beginners are always astonished by the results of the workout performed barefoot with minimal equipment as they are always tough than most cardio programs. Though you may have to amend barre exercise programs at first to prevent the unbearable pain particularly if you have not been performing workout frequently, your muscles get steady and strong over time and you no longer feel the pain. In the case you are not conversant with barre exercises, you can get a broad range of barre workout choices online that are likely to assist you to attain favorable outcomes. In case you do not know anything about barre workout, they are workout styles that focus on strengthening the tiny muscle that is rarely addressed by many strength workout packages. When you observe a person who has been performing barre-style workouts for some time, you certainly appreciate focusing on the tiny muscles without over-relying on lifting weights. Your the body offers adequate weight of itself that you can apply often to get rid of fatty muscles and reach fitness goals.
If You Think You Get Exercises, Then Read This
Unlike many workout programs, barre-style exercises are very simple and everyone can begin regular workout after viewing just a few video clips online. In most of the barre style exercises, the moves are often simple and well-regulated to achieve the desired outcomes so they typically do not have cardio training aspects. The ballet bars that are used in many workout programs resulted in the term barre exercises even if you may not have to get the bars if you have a stable counter or a sturdy chair.
How I Became An Expert on Workouts
A unique aspect of barre exercise is that it maximizes the impact of every exercise hence facilitating fast attainment of fitness goals. For instance, if you are lifting your leg high at an angle, you have to attain the highest level and begin improving from your previous performance. Even though barre exercises do not provide a broad range of moves, the tiny actions always burn the unbelievable amount of fat. Normally, barre exercises emphasize on hands and legs and usually begin with preparation and development to leg swings, kicks, weight lifts and later to rigorous workouts. However, it is important to perform every workout correctly for it to yield the desired outcomes. Luckily, you can register with an online barre training programs or view workout videos online to comprehend every technique.

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Procedures

Where to Look for Reliable Circumcision and Vasectomy Services In most cases, the question of whether a man will be circumcised is something that’s selected form birth. In some instances, however, an adult male will make the decision to have a circumcision performed for one reason or another. Men will choose to have this done for a medical reason, because they are converting to a new religion, or for aesthetic reasons. Due to the delicate nature of the procedure for adults, it’s absolutely essential that a man gets it performed by a top professional. When you realize that a man is only going to have one shot at getting his circumcision performed, you can really start to see why it’s so important to choose a clinic that can get the job done right the first time. You’re going to find that there are a lot of different ways to make sure you’re choosing the best possible clinic, and this will require you to be able to find some good information. If you’d like to get a stronger sense of the kind of things to seek out when finding your next circumcision clinic, the information below can help. Before you even begin thinking about finding your circumcision clinic, it’s going to be important to recognize the differences in procedures between infants and adults. This means that there are a number of clinics out there that will spend most of their time circumcising adults. You’re going to find that there are a lot of great clinics all over the country that can offer you the best possible service when it comes to receiving your circumcision. You’re going to find that there are a lot of different types of clinics out there that will provide adults with treatment that can make them feel well cared for.
Discovering The Truth About Vasectomies
Another vital quality to seek out when finding a great circumcision clinic will be the sort of reputation for efficiency and compassion it has. Although it’s rare for men to feel much excitement when it comes to their procedures, but finding a reliable clinic will make the anxiety of the procedure a little bit easier to handle. By finding some online reviews of various circumcision clinics, you will find it a lot easier to make your decision.
Lessons Learned from Years with Services
As you can see, there are many things you need to think about when selecting your circumcision clinic. You’ll tend to find that there are a lot of clinics out there to choose from, and the research you do will help you ensure that you’re getting the kind of results that you need.

Getting Down To Basics with Products

Choose the Right Brain Supplement for the Right Future Nowadays, people are talking about brain supplement. Actually, there are a lot of online and offline stores that offer brain health supplements. Sometimes, some of these stores just claim that they offer the best brain supplement that can give you a relaxing, happy, contented, productive and focused feeling. With that, you will surely have a doubt in buying one; to avoid this, ask recommendations from your trusted friend or from your family member who already have tried one before going to any brain supplement store and better if you consult first your doctor before buying any brain supplements, nootropic supplements, natural supplements and the like. No one can actually tell whether which one is the best and which one is the worst, but following the right precaution will lead you to the right brain supplement for you and for your family. All synthetic products including brain supplements are needed to be tested, processed and investigated to make sure that it is safe for everyone to use and take – to avoid health problems. But these evidences are not really transparent in online stores. Because of that, brain health supplement buyers are advised to see and check the product itself whether it has undergo scientific tests or not – do not just believe on whatever the sales lady is saying, check whether that is true or not. You should know the background of the product – the company, the production and the like. If you buy a brain supplement product, do not expect that it will give you an immediate response – brain supplements take time to have an effect. Take note that brain supplements give effect after a while. Do not worry because after you experience the result, you will already know if the brain supplement you bought is the right product for you.
The Ultimate Guide to Supplements
You cannot actually tell whether which brain health supplement is better because brain supplements come from different companies and have different ingredients. Because of the production and ingredient differences these brain supplements have, some products are best known and some products are just known by only few consumers. However, popularity doesn’t really define product’s effectiveness.
What Do You Know About Supplements
There are actually some brain supplements who are popular know but not anymore tomorrow – this is the thing so it is highly recommended that you buy the brain health supplement that you think will best fit your health condition rather than following the people’s choice – it would ruin you in the future. This is how you are going to spot the best brain supplement that is best for you.

A Quick Rundown of Resources

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit? Is your New Year’s resolution to acquire fit and look perfect for the new year? Working out at the health club can produce some breathtaking results, but could be daunting if you have not been before. It might seem as though everybody knows what they’re doing, except you. You worry about appearing stupid, or what people will think of your body, or around whether you’ll remember almost everything you’ve been told. The first day is okay – but the next day can be perplexing and even embarrassing unless of course, you’ve registered with a personal coach. You’re very likely to find which you couldn’t remember which devices you’re designed to use, as well as how they work. Relax. Everyone share the same experience. You will find it easier about the third day, and with the fourth, you’ll be confident. Within months you’ll be powering by your exercises as if you were born within the gym! Here are some tips that might simplicity the way in the very first few weeks:
News For This Month: Resources
If you’re a total beginner, it would be worth to enroll with a personal coach for at least a few sessions, until you are feeling more confident. Otherwise, go along with a friend. Should you be both new, it is possible to muddle through together. In case your friend is experienced, she or he can help you out.
The Key Elements of Great Tips
Don’t hesitate to question a personnel for help If you cannot adjust the machine on your weight and peak, or If you cannot remember exactly how it works. They won’t mind displaying it to you again. They need their customers to return. Don’t push yourself way too hard to start with. If you’re working out so hard that you could barely walk, you will have to miss a day while you recover. At some point, it doesn’t matter a lot, but if you regularly skip days since you’re too sore, you are likely to fall out altogether. What’s the hurry? After some weeks, when your system is getting accustomed to the extra exercise, you can increase the intensity. In the event your knees and ankles respond badly to rising the speed over the treadmill, try raising the grade instead. You could be surprised to realize that a slower speed, with all the home treadmill on an incline, will burn a lot more calories than jogging. Wear comfortable garments – either free or with a good amount of stretch. Stay away from the temptation to buy exercise gear that’s two measurements too small from the hope that you’ll shed weight quickly. Don’t worry about being overweight. In a way, it’s good, to begin with, a good number of excess pounds to get rid of – your accomplishment is much more visible than it truly is on slimmer gym end users, and you will find the positive comments genuinely motivating. Be sure you get a ‘before’ photo of yourself at the health and fitness center when you begin. After several months, you’ll be astonished at the difference.

Getting Down To Basics with Ultrasounds

Essential Concepts In Motherhood Experienced moms out there have their own fair share of hardships and contentment of becoming a mother, surely hearing those experiences will greatly help you become a responsible mother. Parenthood is a natural thing that most people will experience in their lives. People rarely talked about this topic because it is not the kind of information that most news, TV and other media focus or talk about. At some point of a woman’s life she might experience a time wherein she becomes a mother, and this kind of responsibility is not unusual. There is no amount of money and material things can replace how great an joyous it is to bear a child of your own.
Getting Down To Basics with Ultrasounds
When the time of becoming a mother knocks on your door everything seems to change it is a like a new life for you. You probably feel excited about the things that you need for your child. You are probably thinking about the happiness and contentment of bringing a new life into the world.
Questions About Ultrasounds You Must Know the Answers To
The role of becoming a mother can be challenging at times that is why it would be advantageous on your part if you know some essential concepts about motherhood. You should also learn from yourself not just from other moms out there. As much as possible you have to be relax and enjoy the course of becoming mom. Another thing that one should bear in mind is the importance of breastfeeding. As much as possible parents should subscribe into this kind of milk because it has nutritious substances that are beneficial for developing children. The biggest benefit that your child can get is a much stronger bones and increase their brain capacity. Breastfeeding is very much effective as recommended by experts and numerous parents out there. However, it would also be good to use formula milks from time to time. In addition, there also ways that help you prevent the breaking of your child’s teeth, Indeed becoming a mother is a tough job because you need to be very careful about matters related to your child but you must bear in mind that no amount of money can replace the satisfaction that you will get from raising your child in a good way. Apart from the one mentioned above, there are also certain methods that will make the changing of diapers easier for you. As much as possible you need to use diapers of brands that are highly reliable and trusted by many people. If you will not choose the right brand then more likely your child will experience some rashes that is why choosing the best diapers is a must for every parents. Another thing that you should look for diapers are those that can be easily put on, there is a tendency that your child will feel discomfort if it will take some time for you to put the diaper on them plus it is inconvenient on your part.

Why No One Talks About Resources Anymore

Attaining Good Health Through Fitness And Nutrition At the moment, there are a lot of people all through the world who intend not just to get healthy but also, to stay healthy. And for the reason that the researches made are pointing to the good results of fitness as well as nutrition on our general health, it is not easy to simply ignore the findings. Undoubtedly, the food we are eating plus the physical activity we carry out are both known to have significant impact on our weight plus on the longevity and overall health of our body. If you will ignore the importance of nutrition and fitness, then, you will not like the results of it. In the main, it is very important for a person to completely recognize the value of having a good diet and what it can do to our health. You need to consume natural, whole foods consisting of fresh fruits, fresh vegetable, lean proteins, whole grains, can give your body the essential vitamins it requires to effectively function. When you eat right, then, you will surely have the energy you need. If you have energy, you can burn fat. If you will eat right, it is easier for you to sustain a healthy weight plus you can avoid excessive stress on your heart, this way, your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol level are both sustained in the healthy level. Apart from that, you are assured that your body is filled with antioxidants if you practice good nutrition as antioxidants have the capability of fighting off various illnesses like cancer. On the other hand, there is a need for you to bear in mind that good nutrition is not sufficient. This is because, in order for you to achieve good health, you need to partner good nutrition with fitness. If you will make certain that you will make your body active throughout your continuous exercise program, therefore, your body will have more ability in metabolizing your food that is why you can surely keep down your weight. In addition, with good fitness, this simply indicates stronger cardiovascular system as well as stronger and more flexible muscles. If you will perform your daily exercises, you are assured that your blood pressure will lower and also, your stress levels will also reduce.
The Essential Laws of Wellness Explained
More and more people these days are happy with what they have achieve when it comes to becoming fitter and healthier. On the other hand, even if they do their daily exercise and they consume only the right foods, it is still best for them to take some food supplements that can help them in achieving their goals. For this reason, there is a need for you to determine the most appropriate food supplements you can take.The Essential Laws of Wellness Explained